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Mini circlehoe®  HC10
Overall length-11", 2.0" diameter blade
The Mini circlehoe® is a garden hoe you can carry around in your pocket or tool tote so it's always handy to swipe those weeds before they get out of control. As an ergonomic garden tool, it is light enough to use for long periods without wrist or hand fatigue.



Hand circlehoe®  HC15
Overall length-15", 2.5" diameter blade
For tough weeding and cultivating jobs, the Hand circlehoe is ideal. It is a garden tool that works with ease in adobe or clay soils. It is the perfect garden hoe for weeding and cultivating in large containers or raised beds. As a gardener who prefers to use a hand garden tool while sitting or kneeling in your garden, the Hand circlehoe is the gardening tool you will truly appreciate.



Long handled circlehoe®  HC59
Overall length-59", 3.0" diameter blade
The Long Handled circlehoe® is a garden hoe that makes those hoeing jobs easy on your back & knees. As an ergonomic garden tool, most weeding can be accomplished without bending down. It even cuts through hard clay, adobe and rocky soil with ease.

Unlike most traditional hand garden tools, you can use the Long Handled circlehoe in two different ways. Holding the handle with your thumbs down, you pull it towards you for maximum control close to plants. Holding the handle with your thumbs up, you use it in a sweeping motion further away from you plants to cover more area quickly and you will find that you'll stand more erect. Thumbs up is also a good position to use for chopping out bigger weeds.