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Bob A.   Hendersonville, NC I've never used a weeder that works better than the circlehoe. I love to garden but I have a bad back so bending over is very uncomfortable. With the circlehoe, I don't have to bend over. It's easy to use. I can weed my flowers and vegetables so much faster.


Ardell - This is a fantastic garden tool for the disabled who are unable to bend over. I had hip-replacement surgery this past August. When I returned home from the hospital the weeds were going crazy. As soon as I could get outside again, I got my circlehoe out of the shed and got busy. Things look much better now. I'm so glad I bought it. Thanks for a wonderful tool.


Evelyn M.  Portland, ME I was surprised at how long I was able to hoe using the circlehoe! I normally have bad back pain when hoeing. Not only that - the job was done much quicker.


Judith K.  Wellsville, NY I love the circlehoe and couldn't work the garden without it's help as I have trouble kneeling. I was so excited, I sent my sister one and she couldn't do without it either. She in turn got one for a gardening buddy of hers. It gets in and cleans out just where I want it to without any back stress, knee problems, and most of all no damage to any plants around where I'm working. Thanks for giving us this great tool.


Donna E.   Waupaca, WI I've finally found something that I really like that works! I love the fact that it is so easy on my back and I can see how close I am to my plants. I use it to chop runners and I weeded my garden in half the time it used to take! I used it to clear a whole area for Morning Glories. It really chops down those big weeds. I want to buy more!



Suzie G. Whatever gardening job I'm doing I never leave home without it (the circlehoe)! Brilliant design and makes weeding so much easier. Feels like 10 tools in one! Thanks so much, I'll be ordering the long handled circlehoe shortly!


Darlene P.  South Easton, MA I was excited when I used the circlehoe for the first time for every gardener's chore, weeding. No need to hack at the weeds with this tool. Just use it once and you'll be just as excited too! It reduced time and effort as well as saved my back and completed my weeding chore with a 5-Star Ease of Use!


Laurie B.   Williamsburg, VA I love this simple garden tool. Who would've guessed that anyone could improve the humble hoe? Weeding my veggie patch used to take 45 minutes, with a lot of strain on my back and knees. Now it takes only 15 minutes, with no strain on me and no damage to the plants. Thanks for an innovative product.


Betty W.  Lodi, CA I love my circlehoe. I take it once a week to use in my flower beds and now I have no more weeds to contend with, and it is so easy to use and kind to my plants. I would recommend it to all my friends.


Edel S.   Peoria, IL The circlehoe is the best garden tool that I have ever used. I don't need to worry about damaging my plants. It is so handy and light that I never get tired of weeding and cultivating with it. We can finally throw away those other garden hoes and cultivators in the trash.


Chris D.   Mount Holly, NJ The circlehoe is absolutely the finest weeding and cultivating tool that I own. It makes easy what used to be a difficult task. I highly recommend the circlehoe for any gardener. I've bought one for my sister. It makes a great gift!


Duane G.  Northwood, OH Never, in a thousand years would I have thought that weeding could be an enjoyable experience! You most certainly have changed my mind. I've used the circlehoe all season long and it is truly a joy!


Margie H.   Vineyard Haven, MA I love the circlehoe. I want to buy another one for myself and one for a birthday present. It's amazingly easy to take care of and is good for both hands. It is so nice to have the right tool for the job.


Karen S .  Wilderville, OR Just bought one of your circlehoe's. WOW! I am so glad I did. We spend the winter in AZ and once we get home to Wilderville, OR, it usually takes me 3 weeks of bending or sitting on a bucket to pull all the weeds. I used the hoe for an hour today and I'm more than 1/2 done with this detested chore. THANK YOU for a wonderful product!


Suzi B.  Marietta, GA I was amazed by the speed in which I was able to complete weeding my flower beds! Every year, in late Spring, I have to hand pick millions (literally) of maple tree sprouts from my beds. That is until I discovered this fabulous tool! In an hour and a half I had completed the job it previously took several days to perform by hand! I am spreading the word to all my gardening friends about the necessity of this tool. Thank you again for designing the best tool I have in my gardening shed!


Joseph F.  Long Island NY I like the circlehoe very much. I have group of decorative shrubs in front of my house where I didn't want to use mulch. I purchased the circlehoe since I found other types of tools messy, disruptive, and exhausting. I must say the circlehoe helps me do this job in half the time with half the effort. The circlehoe slices through the weeds and I am able to collect them and dispose of them to keep this area looking great! I no longer dread this task, but readily go to it!


Robert F.  San Anselmo, CA This hoe is a real time saver. Because of the design, I can do the work in a fraction of the time it takes me when using another hoe. The physical effort accomplishes the weeding, soil breakup and aeration with less energy expended. With conventional hoes, you must work slower and more methodically so that you don't risk cutting down the plants.


Pat D.   St Paul, MN I really like this tool. I have a good assortment of gardening equipment but I go to this piece more often because of the ease of use. It really does get close to things like pea vines, marigolds, beats and cucumber vine without harming the plants.


James R.   Lancaster, SC I am very pleased with the circlehoe. This tool works around plants and areas too narrow for other tools. I really like this hoe. It is easy and fun to use. My mother's sister was visiting and I showed her the circlehoe. She liked it so well that I gave the set to her and now I am ordering another set for my wife and me.



D. P.  St. Paul, MN The circlehoe is the best garden tool that I own. I can get as close as I want to plants and not worry about damage to them. It works great in the lawn, and will cut through very hard soil with ease. This tool is a must for anyone with a garden of any type.


George T.   Salem, OR I never did like to hoe. With the Henningsen circle hoe, weeds even close to the other plants are removed and die. What a treat and joy to use. Even in the paths of raised beds where ground is hard clay dirt the weeds cut out easily. I learned not to loan it to anyone, they don't want to return it.


Bernice W. Houston, TX I was most impressed with my circlehoe, which enabled me to cultivate around young plants as well as older, larger ones without damaging roots. I was able to work in tight packed soil, and the soil was left in place without dragging it forward…