What is the circlehoe?

1. The sharpened font bottom edge cleanly cuts weeds below the ground

2. All other edges are rounded & smooth inorder to get in close to wanted plants without damaging them

3. The head is pulled through the soil breaking up the ground, but does not transport dirt.

Many garden tool designs are physically demanding and make the job of weeding much more difficult than it needs to be. A traditional gardening tool, specifically a garden hoe, can do an incredible amount of damage to the plants you are working around by cutting away the stems or the roots of your plants. The circlehoe virtually eliminates this problem. Among hand garden tools, the garden hoe comes in all shapes and sizes. Like knives in the kitchen, not all hand garden tools are for the same purpose. The unique design of this ergonomic gardening tool eliminates much of the physical effort, the need to bend down while weeding and allows you to work close to your plants with ease.